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Built for living. Built for life.

Over 104 years of combined experience has allowed us to narrow down and focus on doing what we love and doing it well. Quality over quantity is what you’ll find here, and rest assured that our toolbelts have the right tools for your job.

We build big ideas.

Bolder. Brighter. Better.

Solar panels, a satellite dish and wind turbines on a roof

Solar and Storage

Considering joining your 200,000+ neighbors in San Diego County and saving money (and the earth) by going solar? Let’s put your roof to work and tap into the power of the sun.


The time for healthier air is now, and knowing you’ll save on energy costs? That’s an added bonus. Upgrade your home with the HVAC system that best meets your needs.

Exhale. The hard work is done.

HVAC installed
Kitchen under renovation

Remodeling / Building

Exceptional living spaces as unique as you are. Every project is tailor-made just for you. Rethink how you live and make space for SolHome.

Design / Drafting

Precision, accuracy, and attention to detail start the moment we hear what you want. Whether your build is residential or construction, the key to seeing your concept unfold is for us to understand every design detail that you are envisioning.

Shot of three Solhome employees discussing a project

Not sure where to start?

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