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Our Electric Water Heater
Warms Your Water,
Not the Planet.

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by upgrading to an energy efficient electric water pump for your home’s water heating needs.

Lower Your Energy Bill

And Your Stress Level

Lower Your Energy Bill, And Your Stress Level

Choose SolHome for your electric water heater and home energy needs in San Diego. We offer professional and efficient services to make your home more energy-efficient.

Stay warm while protecting your family from indoor air pollution that can worsen Astma and allergies.

Flexible designs fit any home to deliver cost effective hot water, whether you live in a condo or large suburban house.

SolHome is your San Diego expert in energy-efficient upgrades for homes and businesses, specializing in keeping you comfortable while saving you money.

Updating your HVAC means breathing easy.

Updating your water heater means staying warm and breathing easy.

Not sure where to start?

Increase your home's value.

Upgrading your home's water heater can increase your home's value. A new and efficient system not only saves on energy bills but also adds to the overall appeal of your property. Consider investing in an upgrade to enhance your home's value and save money in the long run.

Built to last.

SolHome proudly uses water heaters that are highly durable, ensuring long-lasting hot water for your home or business. Our industry-leading technology guarantees reliable performance and energy-efficient savings. Ask about our Rheem electric water heaters.

Heat your water while cooling your home.

SolHome's electric water heaters have a refrigeration cycle that can efficiently cool down spaces during the summer months. The cooling process is a natural byproduct of producing hot water for your home. With SolHome, you can enjoy not only hot water but also a comfortably cool garage.

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